Stream datasets with the world

Iot, Industrial Energy Efficiency, Enterprise 2.0, Cloud Data Services, Internet of Things

Oslo, Norway

Raising Seed
€ 150 000
Programming costs, integrations with other IoT devices, Tablet and Phone interface for data portability, API – more methods, performance and usability tests, User case scenarios, brochures and other promotional materials

The product

DasData brings together datasets created by both people and machine-to-machine systems. Imagine a Flickr but with datasets instead of pictures. DasData is a common worldwide dataset repository where people and machines exchange data in a more consistent manner. Das Data is a Data as a Service (DaaS) platform where you can easily connect, publish, visualize and share datasets. Connect your sensors, devices, forms, tables, databases Visualize and build dynamic real time trends. Share your datasets with the people, machines, web.

The team

Tell us more

1. How do you know people need your product/service and why is it unique?
Member of Industrial Internet Consortium and candidate for IoT standard communication. DasData was invited to present "Sharing IoT datasets" in the IoT Week - June '14 in London. DasData enables input from any device capable of web communication.
2. How much money could you make potentially and how? (You can provide us with your best guess)
Based on DAS subscriptions (cloud based) of 500 EUR/ month, selling 250 subscriptions without costs DasData can produce aprox. 1,3M Eur
3. What stage are you at right now? (Product, Funding)
Ready to market
4. Do you have any advisors/mentors? (If yes, please list the names)
Manuel Tanger, Head of Innovation @ Beta-i / Pedro Santos, CEO Darwin-labs.com
5. Have you or other founders been in a startup before? If yes, share the story please?
Madeforit is a personal funded Bizspark startup based in Oslo Norway that represents the base foundation of DasData.